ChumbiTunes Server for Mac OS X

An HTTPd gateway to remote iTunes.

What's this for?

This is a little proxy server to remote control or get info from iTunes, Boxee, or TiVo. Right now, it works with the following Chumby applications.

What is it?

ChumbiTunes Server is a lightweight Java HTTPd server to control iTunes, Boxee and TiVo. It's built to work with the ChumbiTunes Widget for Chumbys, but you can use it with any web browser or application. It can also control a Boxee and query a TiVo. I'll assume the commands are self explanatory:
  • http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/playing
  • http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/art
  • http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/shuttle/previous
  • http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/shuttle/playpause
  • http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/shuttle/next
  • http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/volume/
  • http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/volume/LEVEL
  • http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/crossdomain.xml
  • http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/robots.txt

I need my TiVo Media Access Key

  1. Go to the TiVo Central menu on your TiVo software.
  2. Select the Messages and Set Up button.
  3. Click on Account and System Information. You will find your Media Access Key there.


No warranty. Use at your own risk. You know the fine print. The code will be open source released under Creative Commons (CC) and posted to my GitHub repository.


The Beta has been tested on Mac OS 10.5.X only.
Download it: ChumbiTunes Β3 for Mac OS X.

Chumby Widget

Works with the ChumbiTunes widget.

Windows Version

You can fetch the Windows Version from over here.

Built by ayman following jr's api.